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Whether you run a school, league, PTA, scouts or other group, Just Between Friends connects you and provides tools to accomplish your most important tasks - and it's free.

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News for Your Family announcements from Just Between Friends

Gifts most often returned - and length of New Years Resolutions

Published: 01/04/14

You did a great job on one of our recent pop quiz answers, but not so much on the other.  Does that mean you know how to return gifts, but are not so certain on how to keep your New

Decorative Portable Fans by DecoBREEZE

Published: 11/19/13

    Tired of the "same old, same old" in home decor? Created for the discerning customer who's looking for something innovative and different, the
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"Just Between Friends and Rite Aid unveiled 'Rite Aid Prescriptions for Education."
"Just Between Friends secured two executives to take the company forward as it expands its nationwide reach."
"Just Between Friends expands from coast to coast, helping PTAs run their units more efficiently."
"Just Between Friends introduced its next generation at the 114th Annual National PTA Convention in Memphis."
"Just Between Friends was chosen by National PTA as their member management and communication system."
"Just Between Friends conducted a study for the CT PTA that indicates 69% of CT parents are concerned about raising financially responsible children."